BATH SOAK 350G This incredible Bath Soak filled with high quality Pink Himalayan salts, high in magnesium, excellent for detoxification, relaxation of muscles & heal soft tissues. Activated charcoal is added for its ability to purify, draw out toxins, detoxify, deodorize & fight bacteria helping the system remove excess impurities as well as helping to recharge the body. Both Pink Himalayan salt and Activate Charcoal are extremely beneficial in helping to reduce inflammation & pain within the body. Great for those suffering from any type of arthritis, inflammation conditions, muscle pains, muscle recovery or are simply just interested in a relaxing bath with extra detoxification benefits. . This product is derived from true, natural sources and contains : No artificial color or fragrance, No chemicals, No Parabens, No artificial preservatives, No petroleum based products, No silicone Designed & Formulated by our very own Holistic Nutritionist & Clinical Herbalist
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