Something to think about……

photo-5Today I went to the grocery store and like any other day we parked in the handicap spot.  Even though it still hurts to walk that shorter distance to the door, it helps.  Now a lot of the time when I park in a handicap spot I feel some what guilty as if I am doing something wrong…….I tend to start to think about the people around me and wonder if they look at me and think that I am just being inconsiderate & using the pass just so I could get “VIP” parking, but that is far beyond the truth, if anything I wish that I never needed the permit to begin with, I wish that I could rip it up and toss it away and park at the furthest parking spot and run up to the doors….but for now I am thankful that I have it.

While we were leaving the mall we got into the car and heard a knock on the window, It was an undercover police officer.  She asked to see my handicap permit, she said to me “well I just seen two young attractive girls who looked perfectly healthy so I thought I would come over and make sure it was real”.  I understand that she is just doing her job by making sure that we weren’t one of those individuals who use the pass for connivence and not because we actually need it.  But what bothered me was the fact that she just assumed because we “look” healthy we could potentially be faking it.  Now don’t get me wrong, I know it is her job and I am very grateful that she is checking up on things because really ….how would she know unless she asked… but it just goes to show you that just because someone isn’t permanently in a wheelchair, using a cane, has no hair, or anything else that we associate being sick looking like, doesn’t mean they are faking it.

– Instead think of it as – us faking that everything is okay.


Love Ashley

Keeping you and your health beautiful