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About Earth Kisses Sky

Tijen Yalchin, R.Ac., RMT. 

Founder of Earth Kisses Sky     






Tijen Yalchin graduated from the Canadian Therapeutic College in 2005 where she received her diploma in Massage and Hydrotherapy. In 2009, she obtained her diploma in Acupuncture from the Institute of Traditional Medicine. Additional schooling includes a three week clinical internship in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), were Tijen graduated in 2012 from the Zhejiang College of TCM in Hangzhou, China, one of the top three TCM colleges in the world.  



Co-Founder of Earth Kisses Sky  

Ashley is a Certified Holistic Nutritionist & Clinical Herbalist who loves to teach her clients the importance of eating whole foods & utilizing nature for all that it has to offer.

In 2012 Ashley graduated at the Institute of Holistic Nutrition, receiving her diploma as a Certified Holistic Nutritionist (CNP).  


Ashley’s personal journey and experiences left her determined to figure out a way to improve her health, using whole food sources, complimentary therapies and Herbal Medicine.

She began creating meal plans, herbal blends specifically for her needs and developed a cannabis skincare line that would help decrease her chronic pain & inflammation. In 2016, Ashley graduated at The Institute of Traditional Medicine, receiving her diploma as a Clinical Herbalist (CH)

“Something will grow from all you are going through.

 And it will be you – Toby Maz”

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