Lyme Disease

Lyme Disease Package – 8 weeks  $800.00

Ashley Short is a Holistic Nutritionist (CNP)., Clinical Herbalist (CH) and specialist in treating those chronically ill with Lyme disease and co-infectors using a Holistic approach. 

Knowing from personal experience what it feels like to be chronically ill, Ashley dedicated her time by educating herself specifically on Lyme disease and treated herself 100% naturally using Holistic Nutrition and Herbal medicine. 

Ashley’s goals:

Educate a healthier more sustainable lifestyle that will build the body back up making it easier for it to fight and work efficiently. 

  • Eradicate pathogens with specific foods and herbal remedies & at home suggestions 
  • Targeting biofilm (a protective barrier created by the bacteria itself) 
  •  Support affected and none affected systems and organs
  • Provide relief (pain, discomfort, inflammation, sleep, emotions, etc)
  •  Boost immunity
  •  To share a safe and honest space

We are all very different in many ways, as well as our experiences and journey with Lyme disease, whether we have Lyme ourselves, have a loved one with it, or are interested in learning more about it on a holistic approach. 

Each individual will get there very own protocol specifically designed for them! 

Initial Assessment

As a Holistic Nutritionist & Clinical Herbalist.  Ashley will conduct a thorough health history addressing symptoms, conditions, current medications, supplements, herbs and over all health goals and achievements.  With the information gathered, Ashley will create a individual plan including a seven day meal plan, supplement & life recommendations + herbal formula.

(60-75 minute + cost of herbs)

Session Two

(Via phone)

Your personalized plan will be ready one week after your initial consultation.  This plan is explained in-depth and reviewed together.  You will receive your 7 day meal plan, herbal formulas and additional lifestyle suggestions.  This will leave you with the tools necessary to make realistic changes and improvements in your health and you will never feel alone.

(30 minute –  complementary) 

Follow up

During follow-up consultations, Ashley will help build your knowledge of Holistic health and Nutrition by gradually layering and building on your current plan, adding new recommendations that will help improve your health and lifestyle goals.

(30 minute + cost of herbs) 

Additional Meal plans / Modifications


Out of town, no problem! We offer phone / zoom consultations 

Biomat DETOX session

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