Lyme Disease Front Page – Hamilton Spectator June 28,2013

It all started with built up frustration and a question that people would always ask “Why wont the medical healthinsurance_hsystem to anything” a question that I never knew how to properly answer, and instead I found myself coming up with my own reasonings as to why they dont want to help.  
The lack of support that I have recieve from the health system left me feeling abandoned, lost and untrusting, wondering and doubting every single day.  It made me question whether or not our health system is actually putting our best interest at heart and not just worrying about there paycheques.

Months ago I had contacted the Hamilton Spectator seeing if there was any interest in them to do a story on Lyme Disease, I was willing to share my story with them even though I was extremely nervous to become 970773_608641605821722_1214939894_nvulnerable yet excited to be apart of something that will raise Lyme Disease Awareness.  They sounded very interested and told me that they would contact me within the week, weeks went by and I figured it was not a story that interested them, I contacted them again and again…..but still nothing.  It wasnt until June 5th 2013 when an article front page titled “Explosion of ticks biting pets and people” came out.  June 6th 2013 I was contacted and asked to be apart of a write up on Lyme Disease.

I am so happy to announce that as of today June 28th front page  is an article on Lyme Disease check it out ! : )


Keeping you and your health beautiful                                                                               Love Ashley