Juice Journal


I have to say…………. that this is hard I woke up this morning  with a headache and it never left, it stayed with me all day!! I can handle ALOT but for some reason a headache kills me.  Adding to my all day headache I felt very tired and slighty dizzy, which lead me to taking a nap with an ice pack on my head.  Although I did notice that throughout the day while I was making our juices I would start to feel as if my headache was going away but then it said to itself “nahh lets stay a bit longer, lets challenge her even more”. THANKS! ;/  As much as I wanted to quite right then I stuck to my guns and survived day one!……although I have to admit I was in bed preeeeettty early 8:30pm – I hate having a headache they knock me out.


I woke up and STILL have a headache….. ahhhhhh not another day filled with headaches ;/.  I dont have much energy today almost seems like im the same as yesterday except today I feel like a walking zombie.    I tried to push myself anyways so I went to the gym but my energy was not allowing me to do what I normally try to do, so I took it easy but still got a decent exercise in.    Amongths all of this I did notice this I am stilllll sticking to it!!! I can do it!!, I did a little research online and everyone seems to say that the first two days are the worst and they usually get headaches and crave food the most so hopefully tomorrow im headache/dizzy and zombie free.  On a good note though I noticed that my eyes are really clear the whites of my eyes are soooooo white!!!  The swelling in my knee has went down a little and I dont seem to have much pain right now hm…… 😉 this is exciting!!!!.  Around dinner time my headache started to linger away, but I still felt some pressure, but for some reason I got a burst of energy which lead me to clean and organize I couldnt stop myself! Im excited to see what tomorrow brings me.


I work up so early well for me early 8:30 and felt like I had so much energy and the even better part I work up WITHOUT  a headache halllllaylouya!!! & ALOT of energy!  I finally stopped feeling like a walking zombie who loves juice.


This morning I woke up again with a ton of energy it was 8:15 and without any thought I got up and made Tijen and I a juice right away.  It was almost as if I was excited to make juice this morning… this is starting to actually become alot of fun.   After I made our juices I took Lucy out for a little walk & then I was off to the gym for an hour workout.  Everytime I go to the gym things vary with how my body feels and my energy….but today I had some extra so I was able to do 30 minutes on the eliptical, 30lb weights on the machines & 10lb hand weights….oh ya and sit ups 50 of them.

When I got home I took Lucy for another walk this one was a longer one….well long for me we walked along the water which for me is a big deal.  Not that long ago I was in no contition to walk a quarter of a mile, I did not have the strength nor did I have the mobility or energy.  But today I felt brave and said to myself “I can do this today”

I have been noticing during this juice fast that my knee is actually going down!!! the swelling is slowly leaving my knee feels like there is more mobility in it I can bend it a little more and lift it without having to use my arms to physically pull it up to move it this is a BIG DEAL! Im actually starting to feel comfortable.

I feel like I have a TON of energy today, Tijen and I took 300lbs worth of junk to the junk yard talk about spring cleaning!!! Well Today I have to say I felt like a super hero on vegetables !!


This morning I woke up feeling amazing!  I was up at 7:45 holy smokes! That barely happens! AND out the door by 8:45.  We went to 4 different places before noon, and then did boxing for an hour.  After boxing we went to the farmers market and stocked up on more green goodness.  I have to say I am really enjoying this juice cleanse! more than I thought I would.

Plus its fun to see your fridge look so bright and fresh!