Healthy & Delicious Fruit Roll Ups

Healthy Fruit Roll Ups

Nutritious, pure and FULL of life.  THIS is how all our food should be!! To be mindful of what you are consuming recognize whether it is beneficial to you or not, and to enjoy what nature has openly provided to each and everyone of us!!  In the studio creating sweet treats full of vitamins!!!!

Heres how you can make your own!

1.) First pick our your favourite fruits.  I used a combination of a few:

#1 combo – Blueberry, Raspberry

#2 combo – Strawberry, Banana

#3 combo – Raspberry (my favourite)

2.) Place fruit into a high speed blender or food processor until smooth.

3.) Add 1 TBP maple syrup (optional)

4.) Add 2 TBSP chia seeds

5.) Spread out fruit mixture evenly on parchment paper covering the dehydrator tray.

6.) Place tray in the dehydrated and set the temperature to 130-150 degrees for approx 3-4 hours depending on thickness.

7.) Once you are able to peel the fruit mixture off of the parchment paper, remove and place on a bare tray and place back into the dehydrator for another 2-3 hours.

8.) Cut into strips and roll them up

9.) Store in an airtight container

TIP: make a lot because they are addicting!!!