Have you been bitten by a TICK? or think you may have LYME?

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The most frequent question I get asked regarding Lyme Disease is€¦.

If I was bit by a tick what should I do?

All information is based on my own personal experiences and what I would have done personally if I knew a head of time.

My first initial advice is to go to the emergency!! and get antibiotics!!  for at least one month!!! There is a time and place for them and Lyme is the exception!!! Be sure to take probiotics along with them!!!

Your doctor will ask you a million questions or maybe just one depending on how open and familiar they are to Lyme disease€¦.. but it may consist of :

Why do you think you have Lyme?

Where did you get bit? Followed by.. we don’t have Lyme in Canada!  This is NOT true

Do you have a bulls eye rash? not everyone has a rash!

Was it a deer tick or a dog tick? It does matter if it was some sort of alien tick, They both carry bacterias and co infectors and need to be treated!!! 

They will do everything in there power (from my experience) to direct you away from thinking you may have Lyme Disease, they will then make you feel crazy for feeling the way that you do, telling you it is all in your head, sending you to a million other doctors that tell you the same thing, OR diagnose you with a dis-ease that fits you best..in my case Rhuematoid Arthritis ;/.  They give you no hope/no direction as to how you can improve or prevent your symptoms from getting worse.

To avoid all of that€¦€¦€¦INSIST that you need antibiotics, and if for some reason they are really adamant about giving you them (which sometimes they are), get a second opinion as soon as possible!!!.  Remember that YOU are the only one who can truly understand how you feel internally & externally, it is YOUR body not theirs, and right now you need to be its greatest advocate and stay positive!!

When you are bit by a tick it takes 38-48 hours for the tick to transport the bacteria and co-infectors into your system!

By taking antibiotics (adult -doxycycline, children- Amoxacillin ) helps to kill the bacteria before it even has a chance to become a problem.  THIS is why it is so important to take antibiotics as soon as you are bitten! do NOT wait for a symptom to appear, by this time it may have manifested into chronic lyme which is harder to treat.

If you see the tick imbedded do NOT remove it yourself (even if your first initial response is to get this disgusting bug off and discard it.  Get the doctor to remove it and make sure you ask to keep it for further testing!!

If you have removed the tick yourself,  make sure you keep it !! Place the tick (alive or dead) into a plastic container big enough that you do not damage it, and tighten the lid.  (I know this is gross !)

Label the container including : name, location, date, where it was removed from.

If you are unable to ship it right away place the container in the refrigerator if alive and freezer if they are dead. Make sure you tighten the lid :/

Next: You want to send the tick in for testing€¦.. by doing this will help determine whether the tick was infected and may help you with your diagnosis if your doctors are still telling you that you do not have Lyme.

Website below with address to send:


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