Take your health into your own hands!


I often wonder why everytime you go to the doctors office you sit 
for hours in one room to move to another and wait some more…..looking around the room all you see are grey walls, ugly old art work and homemadephoto-2photo-3
highlighted peices of paper reminding you that you are only allowed one problem per visit.  – you might as well make a poster that says   “I really dont care about you, so lets make this quick”

When you finally get the chance to see the doctor it is as if they cant really see you and all they see is there note pad, precription booklet and pen.  What I dont understand is how we trust this, how we have so much respect for someone who shows no heart, no modivation, no direction, is it because we dont know any better?, or because we get scared into thinking if we dont listen something bad will happen. “the fear of the white coat” is what some say.

I have to admit during the begining of my lyme journey I doubted myself alot…..should I, could I, will I……… I had alot of questions that I never knew the answer to yet something strong inside my mind told me to keep strong and listen to my inner self.  I found that when I allowed the doctors words into my mind and soul my body became more weak, sad and less modivated almost as if I was in surrender mode.  I would find myself laying im bed all  lay
day, no appetite no desire for anything, my smile dissapeared and my shen (spirit) was depleting.  Yet my doctors number one concern was for me to take medications for something I didn’t even have.   Was he was to “scared” to treat me for lyme disease or was he not allowed?…. makes zero sence to me……..why would you want to treat someone for something they dont have? is it so you can get an extra 30$ in your pocket for each prescription that you fill, or because you truly just dont care what you are giving to people even though if I listened I would have ended up 100000x worse.

I sometimes think maybe I just have a really bad doctor, they can’t all be like this…..I know they aren’t, we have some pretty amazing doctors in our community who help so many people even with lyme disease, I just happened to have (in my opinion) one of the worst.  So I am on the hunt for a new doctor who is open to alternative medicine and nutrition.

It wasn’t until I realized  that by me laying in bed feeling sorry for myself and beleiving all the negative comments coming from my doctors mouth (“if you dont take this medicine, you will end up crippled and in a wheelchair for the rest of your life” I realized that  it was not helping my health and immune system fight, but instead it was weakening me every second causing me to become less and less strong and confident.  My mind set did not switch easily but with practice and paitence and of course surrounding myself with positive people helped me realize that I am stronger, smarter, and to never doubt myself as I am the only one who truly can turn my life & health around, it is up to my body and mind to help along the way and of course to never ever give up.

Ever since I have figured out what is was the I had and started to trust that the direction that I felt was right for me  (natural medicine) I have been 110 % dedicated to become more positive, eat exceptionally clean, exercise, research and try everything under the sun to get well.  It has been since July 2012 that I have been gluten free, sugar free (meaning only allowed berries as a source of sugar) and dairy free.  I have been doing western herbs, tinctures, natural supplements, biomat sessions twice per day, acupuncture, massage, frequency machines, and recently started exercising as my strength is building back. armo-39 My energy level has increased and I am able to do more things throughout the day, although I am only maybe…..50% better I am on my way.

I became my very own detective, doctor, modivator, researcher, nutritionist, herbalist, and strength!

Its time for us to take OUR health into OUR own hands and trust your inner self, when you go to the doctor and they tell you, you have Rhuematoid Arthritis, MS, Fibromyalgia, Cancer, Highblood pressure or anything………do your research find alternative things that can help, dont get sucked into the healthcare system and feel scared if you do not listen.  Find a doctor who believes in proper nutrition, exercise and YOU helps the body.

Be kind to your body as you only have one

Keeping you and health beautiful

Love Ashley