Today I woke up excited to start my juice fast!! I had all my vegetables and fruits all ready to go.  I thought to myself this is going be not only soooooooo easy and so fun, but it will give me chance to become even more creative but in a different way and what better way than to create bright vibrate beautiful HEALTHY juices that our body will benefit from in the end.  We love vegetables and fruit so how hard can this be?.. .


WHAT INSPIRED US:  We have always been interested in trying a juice fast. So a few months ago we purchased our very own juicer and decided that we would try.  We started watching documentaries on jucing which inspired us even more !!! Its incrediable what juicing can do for the body!!! So we decided to challenge ourselves to a SEVEN day juice fast/cleanse even though on the documentry he does it for 60 days we figured we would start easy.

Check out the documentary that inspired us: Fat Sick & Nearly Dead

While watching the doc I started to think about my own health  and how this could help me and if you know me I am always trying new things to help FIGHT and become me again actually become a BETTER more STRONGER ME.

As I have mentioned in previous blogs about me having Lyme Disease I am still on the hunt to find a solution to help my body re-balance and reduce ALL of its inflammations…….so here I go….I am off to see the juice wizard.

Juice #1 BREAKFASTPicture 13

Todays Juice: Green Hulk 

1 handful of Spinach

1 handful of Kale

1 Lemon

1 half Cucumber

4 Celery

1 Red Apple

Juice #2 LUNCHPicture 10

Todays Juice: Rainbow Salad

1 Red Apple

1 Orange

1 Romaine Lettuce

1 cup Blueberries

1/4 cup Broccoli

1 Tomato

Juice #3 SNACKPicture 11

Todays Juice: Sweet Ginger

1 half Pineapple

4 Celery

2 thumb size Fresh Ginger



Juice #4 DINNERPicture 12

Todays Juice: My Heart Beets

1 large Beet

1 Red Apple

3 Carrots

1 thumb size Fresh Ginger


Keeping you and your HEALTH beautiful

Ashley CNP