Why THC and CBD are Better Together in Topicals

Why THC and CBD are Better Together in Topicals

Of the 120+ phytocannabinoids working in tandem with the human endocannabinoid system, the most well known are Cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Despite their ever-growing popularity,  many have found themselves trapped in forming misconceptions about these compounds, usually thinking of THC as the “bad cannabinoid”.  Significant scientific research has shown CBD has promise in the treatment of cancer, diabetes, chronic pain, depression and addiction, but despite the studies that show THC has its own curative benefits there is still the lingering idea that “CBD is medicinal, THC is recreational”. While it’s true that CBD is not psychoactive like THC, the importance of THC transcends its mood altering capabilities. It is antibacterial, anti-tumor, analgesic and antioxidant - benefits which are very similar to CBD’s own anti-inflammatory, pain relieving, anti-viral, antispasmodic abilities, making them incredibly compatible.

CBD & THC are good on their own but better together. They’re Peanut butter & Jelly. Lucille Ball & Ricky Ricardo. They’re a power couple which, when put together, improve the efficacy of infused products like topicals. The synergy that takes place when THC, CBD, minor cannabinoids and terpenes work together to provide enhanced health benefits is popularly known as “the entourage effect”, “whole-plant medicine” or “whole-plant synergy”. The case for whole-plant synergy was first made in 1998 by professors Raphael Mechoulam and Shimon Ben-Shabat. Their research argued that the body’s endocannabinoid system responds more positively to whole-plant cannabis extracts. 

Due to their shared natures as powerful antioxidants and their ability to provide anti-inflammatory benefits, CBD and THC are incredibly effective ingredients for skin and body care. Infused topicals like the SHINE Herbal Salve fit perfectly into the most low maintenance skin care routines, as they are versatile and quickly soak into the skin to offer localized nourishment and relief to not only skin, but also joints and muscles. 

There are many different ways THC and CBD work on the skin:   

Combats acne: Acne occurs when excess oil, dirt, and dead skin cells clog pores. The overproduction of oil from skin’s sebaceous glands is one of the major contributing factors in the development of acne, and research shows that it is an inflammatory condition. Although multiple factors like the above trigger acne, we know that anything you apply to skin that reduces inflammation and soothes skin is a useful tool against breakouts and acne-related redress. The anti-inflammatory properties of CBD and THC therefore work wonderfully to not only reduce oil-producing glands, but also the physical appearances of acne-related skin irritation. Topicals like SHINE are non-comedogenic too, meaning it won’t clog pores while leaving your skin full of antioxidant, organic goodness . 

Soothes skin sensitivity: With its anti-inflammatory and skin-soothing effects, topicals can soothe skin issues related to sensitivity such as redness and reactivity. Environmental stressors like light and air quality can affect anyone’s skin, so the skin-normalising and nourishing benefits of THC and CBD help keep all skin types taken care of. 

Anti-wrinkle/anti-aging: Being potent antioxidants, infused topicals reduce the visible signs of aging by counteracting free-radical damage and reducing the look of inflammation, wrinkles and skin dullness. In addition to counteracting free-radicals, they also neutralize them and keep them from damaging the collagen and elastin in the skin. 

Relieves skin concerns and muscle pain: Antipsoriatic, antibacterial and analgesic properties mean that topicals are great for easing painful physical symptoms that come with psoriasis, bacterial skin infections and painful joints. The area-specific relief provided by topicals allows for targeted relief of psoriatic skin concerns, rashes, swelling and redness when applied to the skin. When used on painful joints, topicals work the same way to alleviate muscle ache, making topicals a versatile tool in the pursuit of holistic wellness, providing health-giving benefits that cater to a wide range of health concerns. 

THC and CBD work in tandem to provide potent, nutrient-packed products like topicals that soothe, hydrate and provide healing benefits to the body. It’s important to find a product and regime that works best for your body and its needs, but however topicals play a role in your routine, THC and CBD are invaluable players to have in your team . 

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