Introducing Earth Kisses Sky, The Wellness Duo

Introducing Earth Kisses Sky, The Wellness Duo

From a very young age, we felt a burning desire to help other people LIVE in life. This is why Earth Kisses Sky was co-founded, combining our compassionate souls and entrepreneurial spirits into the “Wellness Duo” we have come to be known as today.

Ashley Short

Ashley Short

We see the partnership of Earth Kisses Sky as that miraculous space where the earth kisses the sky, blending into each other to become one. We are two souls, with similar missions, who have blended together as one wellness company.

Earth Kisses Sky combines holistic medicine, and medicinal cannabis to provide relief from pain, particularly to those living with auto-immune diseases. Through our work, we contribute to the health and well-being of the whole person through our integrated clinical practice that includes acupuncture, massage, holistic nutrition, holistic medicine, and our array of infused medical cannabis products designed to reduce pain and inflammation and promote healing.

Tijen has been making salves that promote healing for 17 years. She decided at a young age that she wanted to be in control of the way her talents are deployed into the world, and never was on anyone else’s payroll since age 16. Combining her entrepreneurial spirit and experience with Ashley’s desire to help people with auto-immune diseases through her knowledge of clinical herbs, Earth Kisses Sky was created. Together we share our experience and knowledge in herbal medicine and nutrition with our clients, where we are focused on giving the best care to every client.

We believe wholly in the power of medical cannabis, as an accompaniment to other holistic treatments. All living things have contained within them the endocannabinoid system – one of the most amazing systems in the body – it supports us not only in staying alive, but truly LIVING.

Tijen Yalchin

When cannabis is delivered to the body, it binds to the our CB1 and CB2 receptors, and CBD (cannabidiol) becomes an anti-inflammatory, apoptogenic, and analgesic, helping to alleviate localized pain, while our body returns to our natural state of homeostasis. This is why we have created our Pain & Inflammation Salve, and our Skin Healing & Beauty Salve – to allow the body to be restored to its most healthy state.

Our journey, like many entrepreneurs, has been up and down, but it’s the success of those we work with that keep us going in the direction we are, where our future is ever-evolving and limitless. Our cannabis-infused products continue to be researched and developed as we seek opportunities to bring more products to the market that help people truly LIVE their lives.

What keeps us going is the passion of helping others, and knowing we are providing people with that valuable chance through our treatments and through medical cannabis. We look forward to collaborating with Alpha Woman to continue to educate about the healing potentials of cannabis in holistic medicine and in a healthy lifestyle.

Tijen Yalchin, RMT, RAc (Registered Massage Therapist, Registered Acupuncturist)

Ashley Short, CNP, CH (Certified Nutritional Practitioner, Clinical Herbalist)

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