CBD Skincare – does it live up to the hype?

CBD Skincare – does it live up to the hype?

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Cannabis has been around for hundreds of years, having been used for medicine, rope, fabric, textile, building materials, and a number of other everyday necessities. The recent but steady increase of interest in Cannabis and the industry is in part due to the ever-growing research on the medicinal and therapeutic benefits of the plant.

It’s no surprise that with this research becoming more widely known and accessible, CBD (Cannabidiol) is taking the beauty and wellness world by storm. CBD infused products of all kinds are becoming more widely available in major retailers like Ulta Beauty, Urban Outfitters & Sephora, catering to a range of needs, from body care to sexual wellness and most popularly, skincare

CBD is the new buzz-worthy product. CBD oil is used in serums, body butters and creams, but “CBD” has often been used as a catch-all term for infused products and that is problematic because it does not clearly tell consumers which parts of the plant are being used. The distinction between which kind of CBD is included in a product is a necessary bit of information to include because it allows customers to make informed decisions about the products required to cater to their wellness needs. 

For one, the amount of THC in even a full-spectrum Hemp oil does not exceed 0.3%. The higher concentration of THC in Cannabis-derived CBD means that it has more potent therapeutic and medicinal benefits than hemp-derived CBD, by virtue of the entourage effect. Secondly, they are derived from different parts of the cannabis plant. Cannabis-derived CBD oil comes from stalks, leaves and flowers whereas hemp-derived oil comes from the seeds of the Cannabis Sativa plant, and do not contain CBD.  Hemp-derived CBD oil may not have as many health benefits as its counterpart but it is rich in fatty acids and many other health-giving nutrients.

Hemp-derived CBD oil may not have as many health benefits as its counterpart but it is rich in fatty acids and many other health-giving nutrients. Both have wellness benefits that are worthy additions to anyone’s everyday wellness routine, but it is still necessary to distinguish CBD types for the benefit of customers and their needs. 

So what exactly are the benefits of CBD skincare and is it worth all the hype? When applied topically, CBD products are absorbed into the skin to target areas of concern and deliver aid in a number of ways. 

  • CBD is anti-inflammatory - CBD is analgesic, meaning it soothes the pain, swelling and redness associated with skin conditions like acne, eczema and psoriasis. 
  • It reduces redness and drying - CBD oil hydrates the skin, easing rawness, flakiness, and itchiness.  
  • Regulates oil production -  It helps regulate the hormones involved in oil production, reducing excess sebum. 
  • Neutralises free radicals - CBD also prevents the weakening of the skin’s collagen, making it more susceptible to dark spots, wrinkles, saggy skin, etc by counteracting free radicals in the atmosphere. 
  • One benefit of Hemp seed oil - Hemp oil is also a great non-comedogenic hydrator, balancing out oily skin and also helping to regulate sebum production. 
  • CBD is more than a skincare secret weapon; it’s a great organic multipurpose product and can be used for other concerns like joint and muscle pain, scarring, menstrual cramps etc, and is gentle enough to be used daily. 

After deciding to take her health into her own hands, EKS co-founder Ashley took to experimenting with her own homemade infused balms with Tijen, relying on their combined experiences in holistic and traditional medicine to treat the pains that accompanied her overdue Lyme disease diagnosis in 2012. 

These experiments led to the development of EKS’s ever-evolving, all-natural herbal salves, providing an organic wellness option on the wider market.  SHINE is infused with 150mg THC and 300mg CBD, capitalizing on CBD and THC’s collaborative powers to execute EKS’ goal of providing sustainable solutions to pain and health management. This goal to supply accessible and clean wellness options has seen EKS grow into a leading presence in the Cannabis industry. 

With all this considered, is CBD skincare worth the hype? We think so. It offers enough helpful health benefits average wellness regimen, to justify its reputation as beauty and wellness’ *it* product

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