Acupuncture Treatments


specialty massage treatmentsMoxibustion is the use of the herb with the common name Mugwort also called Ai Ye in Chinese. Moxibustion, called Moxa for short is used for the treatment of some forms of pain including arthritis, and when there is deficiency or weakness of the constitution as when a patient gets sick often or has chronic low energy or constant cold hands and feet.

The moxa herb comes in several forms such as cigar shaped, or in small cones. It is lit and held over an acupuncture point or area of pain to warm the area. Some forms of moxa have a distinct smell when burned. The healing properties of moxa come from the heat generated as well as the effect of the herb on blood circulation and on the immune system. Moxa can be used by the acupuncturist in the clinic, and with proper instruction, by the patient at home.

Cupping and Gua Sha

specialty massage treatmentsAcupuncturists use a full range of Chinese Medicine techniques when treating patients. Cupping and Gua Sha are two such additional techniques. These techniques are most often used for patients with pain, often of the neck, shoulders and back, as well as for patients with herniated disks, disk degeneration, and arthritis as well as for those with asthma, colds, or even insomnia.

Cupping is like receiving a very deep focused massage as it improves circulation. The Acupuncturist will place either a glass or plastic cup on the skin. The cup will stick to the skin from suction that is generated with either heat or a hand held pump. The cup will not hurt, but a small amount of suction will be felt. The cup will stay on the skin for a few minutes, or the practitioner may move or slide the cup around.

Often the cups will leave a mark on the skin that is not painful, but is evidence of the effectiveness of the procedure. Cupping when used in
conjunction with acupuncture and massage may accelerate the rate of healing (resulting in fewer treatments) and often provides immediate
relief when there is pain.

Like cupping, Gua Sha improves circulation. For the procedure the Acupuncturist will use a smooth blunt tool to gently, but ?rmly scrape the
skin to release underlying stagnation which is causing pain. Gua Sha is most commonly used for neck, back and shoulder pain. Like cupping, Gua Sha will leave a mark on the skin, evidence of the effectiveness of the procedure.

Tui Na

Tui Na is the Chinese form of medical massage. The Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) diagnostic system is used and then speci?c massage
techniques are applied. Like acupuncture, Tui Na has been used for thousands of years. The technique can be used alone and is often combined with acupuncture. Through the use of different massage techniques, Tui Na promotes the movement of Qi through the meridians (pathways) of the body. It is an invigorating, relaxing and re-energizing method that releases blocked energy and restores health while resolving pain. Overall, Tui Na, like any massage just feels good!!
(30 min.-$57, 60 min.-$90, 90 min.-$125)