Acupuncture Programs

Acupuncture Weight loss Program

12 weeks Includes holistic nutrition weight loss package was originally designed as an adjunct protocol for weight loss. But this method can do so much more! It also effectively treats a range of “core Qi” issues including infertility and gynaecological disorders, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, and digestive problems. It can help with peri-menopausal symptoms, post-partum weight loss and uplifting the belly. This system also helps to build abdominal and core strength, which aids in the resolution of back pain.

You can also profit from:

  • Firmer skin tone
  • Tightening of the abdominal muscles
  • Reduction in bloat and cellulite
  • Facilitates your weight loss program
  • Loss of inches around the waist
  • Increased libido

TOTAL COST FOR 16 WEIGHT LOSS ACUPUNCTURE TREATMENTS + FIRST CONSULTATION: $1920. As a bonus 8 holistic nutrition consultations are included; VALUED AT $600 FREE!!

Acupuncture Detoxi?cation Program – NADA

Acupuncture Detoxi?cation Program - NADAAcudetox involves the gentle placement of ?ve designated ear points on each ear. Fine gauge, sterilized, one time use needles are inserted just under the skin, while the recipients sit quietly in a group setting for 30-45 minutes. The treatment is non-verbal process. Acudetox has been shown to significantly decrease cravings for alcohol, drugs, food and withdrawal symptoms, relapse episodes, anxiety, insomnia and agitation. Acudetox often helps participants become relaxed and more comfortable with their own thoughts, enabling them to experience a sense of “letting go” of tensions and apprehensions, and supporting quiet participation in a group setting with others who are involved in the process of recovery. Acudetox opens the possibilities on the body, mind and spirit levels.
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