About Ashley

After a year and a half of searching for answers, Ashley was diagnosed in August of 2012 with Lyme Disease. She has been dealing with her illness since the spring of 2011 and has seen a number of doctors, including Neurologists, Infectious Disease Specialists, and Rheumatologists, all of who denied her help.

Debilitating symptoms such as extreme fatigue, difficulty breathing, increased heart rate, numbness in hands and arms, itchy and burning eyes, confusion, memory loss, dizziness, disorientation, loss of personality/sense of self, arthritis, muscle spasms/contractions, difficulty sleeping and getting up, head pressure/ache, anxiety, lack of motivation, depression, weight loss, jaw pain, stiff painful neck, altered sense of smell, painful/ swollen joints, low body temperature, night sweats, and muscle pain/weakness have made it impossible for her to hold a job, socialize or even carry out simple daily activities.

In order to treat this vicious illness, Ashley needs as much support as possible. Treatment includes the use of Bioresonance Therapy, which is a unique method that is based on Quantum Physics. An alternative approach would be for Ashley to travel to the U.S., as treatment for the disease is better recognized, however, not being able to work makes financing treatment impossible. With no support from the Canadian health care system, Ashley needs your help. This amounts to thousands of dollars/month as she continues along in the treatment process.